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12305617 1081504158550963 1215406737 n 194x300 BioMagdalena Gabriel is a trained lawyer and has a specialism in European Administrative Law & European Civil Law. She holds a Masters in Administration and in addition to this she holds a Master of Laws. She has had a love for art all through her life and an opportunity to work with Claudie Koenig and Rungwe Kingdon at the Pangolin Editions Foundry revived her interest in the subject. Pangolin Foundry is one of the few foundries still practicing traditional skills of lost block investment casting. Many important art luminaries have used the expertise of Claudie Koenig and Rungwe Kindon, including Damien Hirst (pregnant woman work), Anthony Gromley (Bronze Angel) and Marc Quinn. Magdalena had the opportunity through the Pangolin Foundry to train in the traditional skills of “lost block investment casting” and also got involved in understanding the intricacies of the sand molding process. This traditional training led Magdalena to have the opportunity to work with an inspirational project by Damien Hirst.

Magdalena had another opportunity to work at the artist’s studio in Staud, Gloucestershire. The workshop setup by Damien Hirst was displaying the creative process of making “Spin Paintings” with the opportunity of partaking in the process. She had the chance to create two spin paintings with the assistance of Damien Hirst. Keeping in mind that he has only created a small number of “Spin Paintings” personally, this was a real privilege for her. The unique methodology gave an insight to the way Damien Hirst has changed the very landscape of contemporary art worldwide.

These experiences inspired Magdalena to change the course of her career and go back to her first love “art”. She undertook the Christie’s “Art Business Course” in London to further enhance both her understanding of art and also evaluate the commercial and marketing aspects of contemporary art on the global market.

In 2009, Magdalena started collaborating with a colleague and created the “MM Arts” platform. MM Arts was an alternative model of contemporary art gallery, which combined art, business and luxurious lifestyle during its events. The events were held in prestigious locations around the world showcasing prominent artists and their works in beautiful surroundings. MM Arts helped in organizing and marketing events for such prominent artists such as Feng Zhenije, Go Gan, Lorenzo Quinn and Princess Ira Von Furstenberg.

MM Arts have also presented and exhibited various emerging mid-career artists such as Caroline List, Salvatore Fiorello, Dan McDermott, Sheng Chi, Huang Yan, Akiko Ban, James Trimmer, Carlos Franklin, Fian Andrews and Belinda Bussoti. MM Arts organized cyclic exhibitions throughout the year presenting these artists and their works. The works have been exhibited in various countries around the world including England, France, Monaco and Azerbhaijan. The exhibitions were held in such prestigious locations such as Grand Hotel Cap Ferrat, Hotel Cap Estel and Qafgaz Hotel.

Magdalena continues to support the artists she has worked with and is now primarily focused on promoting the works of premier contemporary artists.

In addition to what she has done recently in art, in the past she has undertaken post-graduate courses at the London School of Economics (LSE) reading “Macro-Economics”. Also continuing her further studies at LSE in liaison with the University of Beijing specializing in Management, Entrepreneurship and Global Leadership.

Her legal experience has allowed her to work in such distinguished International law firms such as Dewey & Leboeuf LLP, CMS Cameron McKenna and Chadbourne & Parke LLP. The experience allowed her to get a strong insight into understanding “Corporate Transactions” and dealing with areas such as “Mergers & Acquisitions”, “Initial Public Offerings” and “Commercial Litigation”. She also had the opportunity to work at Glencore International AG’s Energy department where she worked in the “Oil & Gas’ department dealing with upstream, refining and downstream transactions.